A day excursion to the Asinara’s Park includes an adventurous off-road tour, a park guide, and the cruise ship, departing from the Tanca Manna’s Port in Stintino.

The Asinara’s National Park in Sardinia is one of the most beautiful protected areas of the island. The island, one of the largest in Sardinia, boasts a fabolous landscape, unique in its kind. Sculpted by the wind, immersed in a luxuriant vegetation typical of the Mediterranean Area.

Sea with turquoise and bright blue shades, backdrops for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The rich fauna, both marine and terrestrial, such as the white donkey symbol of the island, wild boars, horses, seagulls and pilgrimage hawks, always amaze and amuse people of all age.

visit to the Asinara’s Park will take off road, with breaks, packed lunches, and a couple of hours on the beach to have fun snorkeling and swimming in the most spectacular bay of the Island.