The Coral Coast and Beaches

The Coral Coast, was named after the high concentration of red coral used to make charming jewels. It stretches out along the 90 km coast of Alghero, with long white sand beaches, small caves and fascinating rock shapes towards the promontory of Capo Caccia, surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean maquis which often strikes the sea.

The beaches of Alghero

GPS Coordinates
40.5888, 8.30333

The local beaches stretch out along the 5 km white sand coast as far as Alghero and Fertilia. The beaches of San Giovanni, Lido Novelli and Maria Pia are easily reachable by foot or by bicycle and are suitable for families with little children thanks to its low depths. The beaches of Maria Pia with its white sand dunes and secular ginepri are particularly fascinating.

Le Bombarde

GPS Coordinates
40.5844, 8.25789

It is surrounded by rich pine trees and loved for its fine white sand and sky blue sea. This beach is ideal to relax , for sports and fun. If you prefer some quiet, you may opt for one of the coves and rocks in the area


GPS Coordinates
40.5819, 8.24675

Lazzaretto Tower, ancient Spanish watch tower, dominates the inlet and amazing coves in the green Mediterranean maquis. The fine and white sand beach is surrounded by crystal clear inlets and protected from the wind.

Porto Ferro

GPS Coordinates
40.6826, 8.20544

One of the most typical and wild beach of the Coral Coast is Porto Ferro, surrounded by three Spanish watch towers. The beach is reddish due its sand and rich Mediterranean maquis with paths leading to lake Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia. This beach is particularly loved by surfers.

La Speranza

GPS Coordinates
40.4961, 8.36908

Heading south along the woods of Alghero-Bosa, will get you to Poglina, La Speranza beach made of pebbles and amber-coloured sand. The coast is known for its relaxing quiet days, surf and windsurf activities on windy days.