Half-Day excursion to the Neptuno’s Caves

The Neptune’s Marine Caves in Alghero, Sardinia, are a must-see during your holidays at the Camping Village Laguna Blu, just near by the amazing Costa Smeralda (the emerald coast), in Sardinia. These marine caves above sea level are the largest in Europe.

The Neptuno’s Caves are located a few kilometers far away from the Camping Village Laguna Blu. The history of these caves is from back to ancient times, in the prehistoric era. In these fascinating marine caves, in fact, are present different tracks of our ancestors, belonging to the Neolithic Age.

The Neptune’s marine caves are among the most famous in Europe, due to their large surface, about 4 kilometers, only partially accessible. Maybe is there the antechamber of the famous Journey to the Center of the Earth?

These marine caves are of great scientific interest and stunning natural beauty, as well as a very spectacular for their majestic nature. You can easily reach it from the port of Alghero with daily departures.

To get to the port of Alghero there are different transport solutions available, including comfortable bus every hour. To reach the Neptune’s Caves by walk instead, you have to reach Capo Caccia, by car only 20 minutes far away from the Camping, or take the Trottolo Bus, the Alghero incredible panoramic tour bus. In Capo Caccia you could then walk through the 635 steps along a path with breathtaking views.

Neptune’s Marine Caves excursion by boat

Period and times: 01 / 04-31 / 10 Possibility of morning or afternoon departures

Conditions and Rates
Price per boat ticket € 15,00 per adult, €5,00 per child (5 -10 years) to be added to the Neptuno’s Caves entry price 13,00 € per adult, 7,00€ per child (3-10 years). Cash payment only The visit lasts 1 hour, visit is not possible in case of heavy sea Services included
Panoramic tour in the Gulf of Alghero

Tips & Suggestions
Meeting point in the port of Alghero, 15 minutes before the departure (you can reach it by bus, stop in front of the camping, ticket 1 euro). Trekking shoes. Bring water, hat, sunscreen.

Excursion Neptune’s Caves Excursion by walk

Medium Difficulty

To reach the Neptune’s Caves walking through the 635 steps steps, you have to arrive first in Capo Caccia, (Camping-Capo Caccia by car 20 minutes, or Camping-Capo Caccia with the Trottolo Bus, the Alghero panoramic tours available booking in the website Trottolo.it or asking to the reception office)

Period and times: 01 / 04-31 / 10
Possibility of morning or afternoon departures

Conditions and Rates
Beach Bus Alghero to Capo Caccia, price €5,00 per person a day ticket with use from 8 to 24h, simple bus €1,00 including six total runs in the same day.
Alternatively ticket for the Trottolo Bus (Panoramic Tour) for more information ask to the reception office.

Entry ticket to the Caves €13,00 per adult, €7,00 per child (3-10 years). Cash payment only. The visit lasts 1 hour visit is not possible in case of rough seas.

Closed shoes. Bring water, hat, sunscreen