Nature and its Parks

Alghero is a typically diversified land composed of the sea and lagoon, beaches and hills, including the rich flora and fauna. The Regional Park of Porto Conte and the Capo Caccia- Piana Island Sea Area, will help you discover and explore the land surrounding Alghero, observe the various protected species and surprise you with breath-taking views.

Porto Conte Regional Park

GPS Coordinates
40.5938, 8.2045

The Park stretches to the north of Alghero, from the Calich lagoon inside the Camping Village Laguna Blu along the entire territory to the north until Porto ferro. This land from the sea extends to the hills in the hinterland; the highest is Monte d’Olia with its 437 m from which you will enjoy an amazing view. The borders of the park include the popular fauna paradise of the Demanial Forest “Le Prigionette” where various flora and fauna species studied for scientific purposes thrive, some of which are typical of this area. There are various more or less difficult itineraries to discover nature at the Regional Park of Porto Conte and have quiet walks with your children or cycle along the tracks where you can meet white Asinara donkeys or Giara ponies. Bird watching fans have the chance to observe herons, the beautiful pink flamingo and the rare sultan on the Calich lagoon, important dwelling and nesting area.

The sea of Capo Caccia-Piana Island

GPS Coordinates
40.5617, 8.16369

Thirty-six kilometre coast from Capo Galera to Punta delle Gessiere, made of amazing beaches, high cliffs and numerous underwater caves and rich coral seabed. The area which emerged about 70 million years ago, was shaped by air agents which formed typical visible shapes along the coast and submerged caves with a variety of unique flora and fauna. Various species including the red coral, sponges, sea horses, the brown groupers, moray eels and farther deep, lobsters find shelter and food in the rocky and sandy grassland and in Posidonia oceanica meadow. Environmental education activities are organised in touristic places in summer to raise awareness among adults and children on learning about and safeguarding the sea environment.