Half-day excursion to Delfinlandia (Dolphins watch)

This half-day excursion to Delfinlandia in Sardinia, in the Alghero’s bay, is a unique opportunity to spot the wonderful dolphins directly in their natural habitat.
The Mediterranean Sea in this beautiful area of Sardinia, the Coral Coast, near the famous Neptune’s Caves, is incredibly populated by a specie named Spinner dolphin, particularly playful, social, clever and adored by children.
These mammals are very known to be smart and it’is easy to find them near the coast, hunting fish, jumping and having fun in the water.
The Dolphins Watch excursion lasts about two hours. The tour difficulty is low and suitable for all. The excursion allows you to reach the most visited site by dolphins, many living this part of the sea (over 500 specimens counted in each flock ) and explore this beautiful area of the Gulf of Alghero in Sardinia.

Low Difficulty
Validity period: from 1st May to 31st October. Afternoon departure from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm. Payment only by cash. This tour is not available in case of heavy sea. Dogs are wellcome!

Ability to reach the starting point for the hike (port of Alghero)by bus, stopping in front of Camping at the cost of 1 euro per ticket (for times schedules and more information contact the reception office in the Camping). To swim in the sea: carry towel, swimsuit and flip flops. Sunscreen, hat, water.

Price and conditions

Cost of the excursion: 10.00€ for one adult, 5,00€ for one child (5-10 years), free for babies under 5 years

Services included

Tour in the Gulf of Alghero